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Once again, I let myself get behind. On everything. I’m trying to be better, y’all, I swear. I feel like once school is out I’ll be able to stay on track with this a little better. Here are my Pen & Peplum lettering prompts for April. And May.

14/52 – Foreign words. This word takes me back to my month in Italy and I love the way it rolls off the tongue. It means “see you later,” which I think is a nice way to think about Italy. Arrivederci, Italia.

115/52 – I love the smell of…rain on blacktop. Springtime means a lot of rain, and I love that smell of fresh rain on hot blacktop. It reminds me of summer and growth and the things to come.

216/52 – Something I noticed today. Teen angst. Working in a high school, I am reminded every day of how difficult it is to be a teenager. They’re hiding behind the music blasting in their earbuds and blowing me off when I ask them to do a bellringer. They hate school and authority and don’t think the rules apply to them. These kids drive me insane some days, but I wish they knew that I understand them more than they think.

317/52 – My signature style. Messy hair. Big sunglasses. Coffee in a travel mug. Red lipstick. This is pretty much my constant state these days. Hell, every day.


18/52 – A date to remember.

219/52 – Something I know for sure. Feeling very grateful these days.

120/52 – An everyday reminder. Drink your matcha. Say your prayers. Do your yoga.

IMG_174621/52 – Currently obsessed with…learning about chakras. It’s so interesting to me.

IMG_1750I’m out of school for the summer now, so here’s to keeping up with my prompts a little better! Of course, my skill is not perfect. Sometimes it’s not even good, but I still enjoy the challenge.

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