Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in CREATE, LIFE

I realize this is a super late recap for March, seeing how we are already halfway through April. But whatever. I let myself get a little behind with my Pen & Peplum handwriting project. I had a lot of changes happening and my schedule got crazy for a while. Things happen, but I’m glad to be caught up now. It feels good to have a little project to do, even if it’s just a simple prompt while I’m watching TV with my husband in the evening. Here we go!

9/52 – How do you like your coffee?

IMG_057010/52 – On a day off…

IMG_070411/52 – Home is…

IMG_083512/52 – Song lyrics I love. This is possibly my favorite song of all time. Definitely top ten. I’ll be seeing them in concert again tomorrow night in Huntington, and I am PUMPED.

IMG_092113/52 – Words to motivate. This is definitely how I feel lately. If I can just keep swimming, keep going, keep pushing, I’ll get there.

IMG_0922The project is on prompt number 15 now, which is kind of crazy to believe. Are any of you following through with this project, too? What creative things are you working on? I’d love to see your work! Tag me in an Instagram photo @themountaingypsy.

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