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I am not a “lucky” person. I don’t win contests or prizes, and random awesome opportunities don’t typically just fall in my lap. However, there are a handful of moments in my life that I just can’t freaking believe actually happened. Last night was one of them.


I mentioned in my previous post that I was trying to see if there would be a way to get The Avett Brothers to sign my tambourine (which is special to me for several reasons) after the show on Thursday. I asked theater ushers, waited outside and after running into a few friends from work (apparently braver than I am), I even walked down the alley to see if I could find a tour bus. No luck.

This is not typical concert behavior for me, I just genuinely love The Avett Brothers more than any band. Their music speaks to my heart and gets me through life.

So, on Friday, my sister asked if there were any tickets left for the show on Saturday. Doubtful, I told her, but after checking the venue’s website, I found two seats. Fate, I tell you. FATE.

I packed my tambourine in my big purse (again) and crossed my fingers that something would work out in my favor. First thing working for me: our seats were on the end of the row, making it easy for us to get out. Secondly, the aisle wasn’t too crowded with people.

I had my tambourine and a sharpie marker, and in my dream world, I thought I could just ask the people in the front to pass it up to the stage. So, toward the end of the show (after the band came back out for an encore), we just gave it a shot, and made our way closer to the stage. With the help of a brave, intoxicated woman, and several rows of people between me and the stage, it happened.

IMG_8648The people just passed up my tambourine like passing a note in class. Up and back. The front row sat it on the stage while the brothers played their last notes of the night, and before leaving the stage, Scott picked it up, signed it, handed it to Seth, and then handed it back.. I was screaming like a lunatic and jumping up and down so hard that I nearly fell over. I just couldn’t freaking believe it.

What makes this whole thing even better was that everyone around us (aside from one very rude woman) was super pumped for me. It was actually pretty hilarious. People were telling me how awesome that was and three groups of strangers asked me to take my photo with my tambourine. Hysterical.

IMG_8643That moment feels like a dream — not totally real, but clear and vivid. It was so special and wild, and I can’t think of a better way to leave this city.

Thank you, Avetts, Louisville, and people who believe in being kind to other strangers.

No, I’m not “lucky,” but last night I was.

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