Posted on Oct 17, 2014 in LIFE

Kyle got me tickets to see The Avett Brothers for my birthday, and last night was the show.

IMG_8606It was amazing, to say the least.

The energy in the theater was so incredible. Having that many people in a room together who love the same music is almost a spiritual feeling. Everyone was jumping and singing and stomping, and I literally smiled the whole time.

After the show, I stood outside and waited for a while, hoping that the band would show up somehow and sign my tambourine. I even tweeted them! It didn’t happen.

The Avett Brothers are a band that I can listen to day in and day out. I can be energetic or melancholy and still enjoy their music, because it’s moving to me.

Anyway, my sister just got into town, and we’re going to hang out for one of my last weekends in Louisville before we move. Fun times ahead! Happy weekend, gypsies.

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