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I love to crochet. It’s a portable craft, it eases my mind and I can do it while I’m riding in the car or watching TV. Also, it brings out my inner grandma.

I recently made this little number for a friend’s soon-to-arrive baby girl. My friend posted a link on her Facebook page to a photo of an adorable little baby dressed up in a crocheted mermaid outfit, seashell bra and all, and I decided I must make that for her.

I already had the perfect yarn, some cashmere and organic cotton blend yarn in this perfect teal that I had been saving for a special project, and some light pink baby yarn. I didn’t particularly love the stitches used for the pattern she had posted to her Facebook, so I went a-searching. If you are a crocheter or knitter, Ravelry is an amazing site with endless patterns and inspiration for projects.  I found this pattern by April Hubbard and immediately purchased it. The detail of the scale-like pattern was so lovely and intricate, which is perfect for aspiring mermaids.

The pattern was fairly easy to follow, especially if you already have some practice with crocheting. Hubbard includes links to her YouTube channel within the PDF of the pattern download, so it’s easy to watch her do a stitch you might be stuck on. I did this many times, so the links were so helpful.

It was so nice to surprise a friend with this at her shower. She loved it and I’m so excited to see the baby in it for photo shoots, and of course, Instagramming.


Do you crochet or knit? What creative activity do you like to do to chill out? 

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