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I’ve been to the beach three times this year. First, I was at Bald Head Island with about 35 other people in my family. We all gather on that island once a year, and when it’s over, we immediately start the countdown to next year. Then, we took my grandmother, who hasn’t been to the beach in 20 years, to Myrtle Beach. Now, I am in Nag’s Head with Kyle and his family. Basically, I’ve been living out of a beach bag.

So what am I packing around for that many beach trips? Not much actually.


Ban.do Watermelon Cooler Bag
I bought this right before my first beach trip after it had already been sold out once. When Ban.do re-released it, I jumped on it and snagged one for myself. It does leak a little when you put ice in it, but ice packs work just fine. No, it’s not the highest quality cooler ever, but man it’s cute.

Big Beach Hat
I got this one from Target a few years ago, but Aerie has some that I really love right now.

Ziploc Bag
This one is boring, but having a Ziploc bag for your phone is important. I usually only take my phone out of the bag to take a quick picture or something, because I can text through the bag and keep it safe from sand.

I have to have reading material at the beach. Usually I have at least one magazine and a book.

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm
My lips are really sensitive to the sun, so a lip balm with SPF is vital. If my lips get burned, it’s not just painful, but usually leads to a fever blister, too. Not fun. This balm is soothing but not too greasy.

Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen
I particularly like this lotion because it smells nice and gives my skin a little bit of shimmer.

Madewell Sightseer Sandals
I know these have been on all of my lists for the last month, but I just can’t help it. I wear them almost daily.

Lilly Pulitzer Koozie
This is my most favorite koozie. Yes, I have quite the collection of koozies, but this one makes me the happiest. I don’t think you can purchase this one online anymore, but there are other prints available.

You always need a snack for the beach. Twizzlers are my favorite candy, and they are great for the beach. They don’t melt!

Madewell Hepcat Sunglasses
I have had these sunglasses for two years now, and they are still my favorites for the summer.

JCrew Pom-Pom Scarf
This was a gift from a friend, and I have loved it this summer. A scarf is great for the beach because you can use it as a cover up, a pillow, or spread it out and lay on it. This one is really soft and lightweight.

Simply Southern Tervis
I recently purchased this Tervis at Myrtle Beach, and I love the Simply Southern collection they have right now. A Tervis is perfect for the beach. It won’t break, it keeps your drink cold for hours and it doesn’t leak.

What do you have to have with you on the beach? Tell me your essentials!

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