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As part of my birthday weekend, my sister and I visited Bittersweet Coffee after relaxing massages and loafing around town. If you haven’t visited this lovely place yet, I highly recommend it.


The coffee shop is located on 7th Avenue and includes an adjoined boutique, A Southern Company, where you can shop before or after your latte. The coffee is delicious, as expressed by my sister’s reaction to her first sip of the Harvest Latte.


I just happened to catch that on camera. So good.

After we ordered, I texted Kyle and he came to meet us and ordered himself a Harvest Latte. I wasn’t about to share that with him. They also offer coffee classes, which Kyle was interested in because he’s been talking about learning more about brews, much like I learned about wines at Sip. Bittersweet will also feature several special food items throughout the day.


As for the shop, it’s beautiful. They have pieces that would be perfect for special occasions or a “treat yo-self” kind of day. They also carry a few housewares which are really pretty.


Bittersweet/A Southern Company is one of those places that Huntington really needs, because it brings a hip, fun aesthetic to our hometown. And now that fall is here, it’s the perfect time to give them a visit. Harvest Latte all the way.

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  1. Kayla
    October 19, 2015

    Ah! Bittersweet is the best! There is an almond coffee there that is everything on an autumn day. I highly recommend it! The smoothies are good as well if that is your thing! I agree that it is definitely something that Huntington needs!


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