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We received our first Blue Apron box a couple of weeks ago, and we (read “my husband”) quickly worked through the recipes. Our dear friends, Maggie and Jacob, sent us a code for our first box free. Lucky us!

IMG_1013For our first box, we received all the ingredients for three meals — Navarin-Style Lamb Meatball Stew, Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes, and Pan-Seared Chicken Verjus. Blue Apron makes it super easy to customize the types of recipes you get, too, with choices of meat and vegetarian options.

IMG_1116My favorite part of the Blue Apron package was the individually wrapped ingredients. My friend Hanna wrote about her experience with Plated, a similar dinner service, and she said the same thing! The tiny little labeled bags of ingredients are just so cute. I know, that’s kind of a silly reason to love something, but it makes everything more pleasant and fun.

IMG_1117Another great thing about this is that you can keep the recipes and recreate them yourself! I would definitely make these recipes again. However, the price point for something like this just doesn’t always make sense for us. The monthly price for three dinners, serving two people each, is $59.94. I typically spend between $50 and $75 a week on groceries for us, and that includes all of our meals, not just dinners. So considering those prices, obviously, I can shop for our food for a lot cheaper than what Blue Apron is charging.

There are definitely some conveniences to this option. The ingredients are amazing. Everything is in perfect condition and comes from good resources. It comes straight to your door, all ready to go, so that takes the planning and stress out of meals. Also, if you know ahead of time that a certain week is going to be super busy and hectic, this could really help you out in the dinner department.

IMG_1110IMG_1111When we worked through these recipes, I was indeed having a particularly crazy week, so Kyle was in charge. He said he thinks the recipes are a little off on how long it should take to make each dish. H said they were actually more time-consuming than the recipe cards claimed. I wasn’t there to decide this for myself, so I’m taking his word for it. And even when he burned up some of the sweet potatoes (I had backups), he still got through the recipes just fine.

IMG_1113All three meals turned out nicely. My least favorite was probably the chicken dish, just because it wasn’t as flavorful as the others. It was good, just not AS good. My favorite meal was the Lamb Meatball Stew, which is such a surprise to me. That’s what I really like about these recipes — they are foods I probably wouldn’t have considered trying before. If I saw “Japanese Sweet Potatoes” on Pinterest, I probably wouldn’t click on it. But now, I love it. That recipe was so decadent and delicious! I would definitely make it again.

IMG_1112 IMG_1114 IMG_1115Have you ever tried a food delivery service like this? Do you think it would work for your lifestyle? I’d love to know your thoughts on these meals if you’ve tried them as well!

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