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I have wanted to join/start/participate in a book club for so long. I feel like it’s the perfect way to keep me reading throughout the year. My sister recently put it perfectly when she said, “I want to be one of those people who always have an answer when someone asks them what good book they’ve read lately.” Yes.

I recently saw that one of my favorite bloggers, EssieButton, is starting a book club for her YouTube channel, and it sounded like the perfect opportunity to get going on my 2015 reading list.

Screen shot 2015-01-11 at 6.32.21 PMHer first book is going to be Yes, Please by Amy Poehler, which of course is on my list. She also plans to just highlight her favorite parts of each book she reads and discuss its themes, rather than doing a “review” or anything like that. Sounds good to me.

So, I purchased Poehler’s book and got started this week! I’m not sure when Estee will post her thoughts about the book, but I’ll be watching out for those updates. I like that she’s just going with the flow and not setting strict guidelines. This gives everyone a chance to read at their own pace and pick up with the group at different time if they need to.

amy-poehler-yes-pleaseDo you belong to a b0ok club? What are you currently reading? Leave a comment below!


  1. Erin
    January 15, 2015

    Glad you’re reading Yes Please! I picked it up when it came out and loved it!

    I’m in a “book club” but it’s literally just two of my friends and me. We just pick random books that we’ve heard about or think the others might like and then give them a try! Right now we’re reading “On Such A Full Sea” which is a dystopian novel that I saw on a lot of 2014 best-of lists.

    If you want to get some friends together, I also heard about the idea of someone doing a “book club jar” where everyone writes down a few options of books they’ve been wanting to read, and then you pick one from the jar each month! It takes pressure off of you when it comes to deciding what’s next.

    Hope you’re doing well these days. I love keeping up with your blog!

    • Kayla
      January 15, 2015

      That sounds great! Definitely going to keep the jar idea in mind. I’m loving Yes Please so far…Amy Poehler is just hilarious. Thanks for keeping up with the blog! Hope you’re doing well, too. 🙂


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