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Confession: I have a scarf problem.

3Kyle basically slaps them out of my hand if I try to pick one up to purchase in a store. I have so many that I have to switch them out for the seasons. Naturally, these days, I’m wearing the coziest ones. These are my favorites.

1Four of these five I actually crocheted myself, and the plaid blanket scarf is from one of my favorite local shops, Birds of a Feather. Even though it’s been a rather warm winter so far, I still need my coziest accessories to keep the chill out of my bones. I love these five particularly well because they are over-sized when wrapped around, and the colors pretty much go with everything.

4The red one is a loose stitch, so it’s not as giant as the others, and I like to wear it with jeans, my brown Madewell boots and my navy blue wool coat.

IMG_0522The beige one is probably my favorite of these five. It’s made from alpaca yarn that my father-in-law purchased for me from a client at 1835 Homestead Alpaca Farm in Lake, West Virginia. I wear it on super cold days, and it is so giant and cozy. Plus, the color goes with literally everything.

5The green one is also a looser stitch, but it is really wide, so it’s still very chunky when it’s wrapped around. I like the brown-ish undertones of this green, which almost makes it a neutral. It goes really well with black or brown clothes items.

The gray puff stitch scarf is definitely the one I wear the most. It’s chunky, but not too big, and is my favorite thing to just throw on when I need something warm. I don’t have to worry about it matching, and it works well with dressier outfits or just when I’m running out the door to yoga class.

2This beauty from Birds of a Feather is a giant blanket scarf in a gorgeous plaid print. I purchased this during Shop Small Saturday, and even though Kyle was there with me, he didn’t slap it out of my hand. I think it’s just because I actually don’t have any plaid ones. To wear a blanket scarf, you fold it in a giant triangle, and then wrap it around like a bib. Again, these colors go with a lot of outfits, and keeps me super warm. Also, really good at hiding zits.

IMG_5530The thing I would suggest with blanket scarves, or any super chunky scarf, is to wear your hair up in a messy bun, or just leave your hair tucked inside the wrap. When the scarf is huge, your hair is going to look insane if you try to lay it flat around the scarf. It’s best to just get it out of the way and let the scarf be the focus.

Christmas is so close, you guys! I’m working on crocheting my usual gift items, plus some Etsy orders before the holidays really get here. If you’d like to place an order, you have until December 12th! Custom orders are really the way to go, so just send me a message.

What are your favorite cozy accessories? Do you make any of them yourself with crocheting or knitting? Comment below!

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