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My friend over at Chef Meets Girl (hey Hanna!) recently told me about this company called Artifact Uprising, and I am now obsessed.


Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. Bettered by a community of inspired storytellers. Driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell. 

Tell On.

My first order was for 25 square prints, because they had a promo that you get them for free when you sign up. Therefore, I ordered a bunch of my favorite Instagram photos from the past year.


The packaging is just the beginning of why I love it. My favorite thing about the prints that I ordered is that they are a true matte. Even when I’ve ordered matte prints from other places, they are never really what I want. These are beautiful and printed on high quality paper.


Off your device, into your life. The whole idea of making something real out of something digital is inspiring to me. Kyle and I have been trying to be better about getting photos printed since our vacations this summer, and the prints at AU are absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the nostalgic part of my personality makes me crave things that are forever and will remind me of times gone by, so this company’s mission statement makes it perfect for me.


If you need high quality, awesome prints or photo books made, I highly recommend Artifact Uprising. Receiving your photos in the mail from them is like receiving a gift from a far-away friend.



  1. hanna
    December 18, 2015

    hi! i just saw this — so behind on the times! i just ordered four hardback photo books as christmas presents (wedding albums from our wedding and cami + hong’s). i can’t wait to get them in and see how the look in real life!

    • Kayla
      December 18, 2015

      Oh my gosh I bet those will be gorgeous. I’m obsessed with everything they have!


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