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On Sunday, I saw this post from one of my favorite bloggers, Elsie Larson, and was instantly inspired.


Elsie’s plant decorations for her husband’s new studio!

I’ve been wanting to buy some succulents for weeks now, but when Kyle and I were leaving brunch and I saw the photo, I said “Can we please go on a succulent search?!” He agreed, and it turned into an all-day excursion involving purchasing deck furniture that wouldn’t fit into our car, but it was a lot of fun! Kyle also requested some cacti plants, so I was excited to plant some of those for him, too. I even made a mini planter for his desk at work!


After several different stops, I finally had everything I needed. Here’s what I used.

Succulents and cacti plants
Potting soil

I mixed the perlite with the soil, about half and half, and then got to arranging the plants! I tried to place the plants in a way that the different colors were distributed nicely. Pack the soil and add decorative rocks on top if you want! I couldn’t find the color I want, yet, so my garden is without them for now.



I love how these plants are brightening up our new little deck area. Also, they’re supposed to be pretty tough plants, so maybe I won’t kill them.

What are your favorite types of plants and flowers? Do you have a succulent garden?

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