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I bought the most perfect plaid top for the holidays at one of my favorite local boutiques, Birds of a Feather.

Problem number one? No skirt to wear with it.

See, Christmas Eve with my family is a perfect excuse to dress up. I mean, my mother forced me to wear all velvet everything for like 10 years of my life, so I guess dressing up for Christmas Eve is sort of instilled in me forever. After purchasing The Perfect Plaid Top, I decided a black tulle skirt would be perfect with it. Add some heels and gems, and I’m set.

Problem number two? The one at Anthropologie is a little out of my price range.

Enter the wonderful world of YouTube. There are hundreds of video tutorials showing me how to make my own duplicate of this exact skirt. Plus, Pinterest has plenty of pattern options, too.

With that being said, I will NEVER attempt another sewing project without taking a proper class or two. I mistakenly assumed my mother could whip this up in a jiffy (that’s what moms are for, right?), but since I found some random tutorial on the interwebs and she has been using good old fashioned patterns her whole life, this turned into an 8 hour fiasco.

The skirt definitely didn’t turn out as planned, but I think it will still work. And this is my public apology for enlisting my mom in such a task so close to Christmas.


I apologize for the bathroom selfie, but my flu-ridden husband wasn’t up for taking my photo this day.

While this was a difficult project, here’s what we used:

8 yards Black tulle
1.5 yards Black knit material for lining
Elastic for the waist
Sewing machine/needle and thread
Rotary Cutter

You can find the pattern idea we used here. Basically, you create a circle skirt using different measurements based on what you want, and add some elastic. That makes it sound so easy. (Hahahahahahaha.)

IMG_9258 This was hours of sewing hell. At one point, I actually looked at my mother and said “It’s f***ed. I’m going home.”

That cracks me up now, but at the time I was very serious. My mom didn’t give up, though, and she did the best she could with my cheap material and lack of pattern or skill in this department.

Like I said, it didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but oh well. We didn’t give up and learned a valuable lesson — sometimes, you just need to buy whatever it is you want and call it a day.

Thanks again, Mom.

IMG_9281While this was a nightmare, I realize it would help a lot if I actually knew what I was doing. I really want to learn to actually create clothing of my own, so if you know how to sew, please send me your tips.

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