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Kyle has been looking for an old drafting table for months. He said he really wasn’t sure where we would put one, or even why he wanted it, but that it just seemed cool.

Cool, indeed. This past week, he lucked out.


Kyle’s mother spotted this one at Bella, a local consignment shop, and with the help of our good friend Chris (who has a truck), they picked it up and gave it a new home. This thing was only about $80, which definitely fit into our “poor-ish newlyweds-ish” budget.


It is in great shape and matches our aesthetic (which I would describe as somewhere between mid-century modern library, hipster and Anthropologie). We currently have it in our dining room, and it will actually work really well as an eating table.


Drafting tables are also known as drawing boards (i.e. “Back to the drawing board.”) and were once used as┬ámultipurpose desks for writing or drawing. They were also used for reading oversized documents or blueprints. This one in particular probably came from some old office building, and was assigned the number 20 for some reason. I find that adds its charm and mystery.


Kyle and I will probably use ours for a combination of eating, writing, blogging and reading the newspaper.┬áKyle is planning to paint the legs a fun color, but we haven’t decided on one yet. Any thoughts? I’d love some feedback!

What’s your home style? What type of pieces do you search for the most?

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