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Since May is the beginning of wedding season, now is the time to take advantage of a clear heart chakra. Emeralds are often used in engagement rings, as well, as they retain a strong vibration that enhances a loving energy for years to come. Emeralds aid in this balance, as well as promoting love and strong relationships. While it can balance the heart chakra for the present, it also helps with healing past emotional traumas. It is a stone that brings mental clarity and stability, which is essential for allowing positive interactions with people and opening the heart for happiness and the fun in life.

Emerald also helps aid in memory and communication, empowering us to tell the truth and hold onto vivid details of our lives.

Physically, emerald helps treat disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and muscular system. With allergy season still in full swing, this gem can also help with sinus issues and soothe itchy eyes this time of year. Furthermore, the deep green of an emerald is a very calming color, offering relief from stress and anxiety that might surround you during this time of year (end of the school year, big upcoming events, etc.).

Here are some beautiful emerald pieces to add to your crystal collection.

emerald earrings by DANIBARBEshop


emerald stacking rings by LazuliHandcrafted


raw emerald by AmazingCrystals

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  1. Jen
    May 12, 2016

    I have been lusting after those stacking rings and just cannot get myself to pay so much for one, thought they are obviously great quality. I’m a pro at not noticing when midi rings slip off my fingers.

    Love how you’re sharing crystals and lowering their “woo woo” factor one post at a time.
    (Check out The Soul Searcher’s Handbook by Emma Mildon for the woo woo reference!”


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