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We made it through February. Yay! Another month, another set of favorites.



philosophy renewed hope in a jar for dry skin
I recently purchased this moisturizer, because I was in desperate need of something rich and creamy. I use facial oils and serums a lot, but even those weren’t cutting it on their own. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks, and can already tell a difference in my skin. I use in alone in the morning after I use a toner, and in the evening on top of my usual oil or serum. It sinks into my skin, but still leaves it moisturized throughout the day.



Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
This is the perfect “everyday anywhere” color. It is subtle but gives your face just enough warmth and color to make you look more alive, less zombie.



tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation
I have fallen back in love with this foundation. I raved about it forever last year when I first tried it, and it’s come back to my heart. It goes on so smoothly and evenly, and still feels like skin, notĀ like you’re wearing a layer of mud.



living proof Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Dry Shampoo
This. Stuff. I am admittedly a dry shampoo junkie. Sometimes, I have two to three different kinds in my hair AT ONE TIME. I do not discriminate. But this baby is the best. It refreshes the scalp and actually makes your hair look cleaner. Plus, it smells lovely.



Karma Kream Body LotionĀ from Lush Cosmetics
My dear friend Katie gave me this jar of Karma Kream for Christmas, but I’ve been using it more religiously this month. One of my favorite perfumes is the Karma fragrance from Lush, but I’ve recently run out of the perfume, so the lotion does the job. It’s spicy, sweet, and sexy.



siggi’s yogurt
Not much to say about this yogurt, other than I’m obsessed and it’s delicious and healthy. Vanilla is my jam, with some granola on top.


Not pictured:
11/22/63 on Hulu
Okay, people. If you have not read the Stephen King novel “11/22/63,” get on it. I read it several years ago, and it is phenomenal. Do not fear, it is not what you might expect from King. Yes, it is creepy and suspenseful, but not in the typical horror fashion. The miniseries with James Franco started on Hulu this month, and it is fantastic so far. But seriously, read the book first.


aerie Seamless Underwear
I purchased several pair of these with a gift card I had from Christmas, and I am a little obsessed. They are comfortable, don’t show lines, and wash up nicely. I also love the high-waist cuts they have.


What were some of your favorite things this past month? Leave me a comment below! Also, if you’re interested in some of the beauty products I have featured, you can join Birchbox here!

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