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Planning each meal is super important if you want to stay on a healthy track. This past week, I purchased some cheap plastic containers so that I could portion out each meal. This has made each meal a breeze. With just a few hours of prep on Sunday, I’m set for the whole week.

IMG_0695For breakfast, I wash all the fruit and portion it out, along with some Energy Bites (I made these last week) or homemade granola and a bit of Greek yogurt. Kyle likes to have eggs in the morning, but I’m not always a fan, so last week I made a batch of egg muffins that he can warm up in the morning. I haven’t made any for him this week, but I’ll make some sort of egg dish soon. He loves the prepared containers because he can just grab one in the morning and breakfast is ready. (He is really bad to just not eat if it’s not something easy. You know it’s true, Kyle.)

IMG_0696Lunch is much of the same, lots of portioning. This week, I’m just doing simple BLT salads, along with some of those Energy Bites (here’s a different recipe) for some snacks. Throw a banana or orange in your bag, and your lunch is ready. I also like to have a Larabar or hummus and carrots for a backup snack.

As for dinner, I like to chop all the vegetables and get everything ready to roll for each meal of the week. That way, when I get home or am ready to start dinner, I can just pop it into the pan or oven or whatever. For example, I made Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas last week, which required a lot of chopping, so I got those vegetables ready Sunday night and stored them in a bowl until dinner time on Monday. Super easy. This week, I’m making two recipes with butternut squash, so I went ahead and chopped that up. Anything that needs cooked (rice, pasta, etc.) can wait until the day of, but all the vegetables and such can be prepped ahead of time.

IMG_0698I’ve found the containers to be super helpful. They can be washed and reused, and having everything portioned out already makes me less likely to overdo it. Also, I just started a job as a long-term substitute teacher, and I’m getting used to that teacher life. Days start early and you’re worn out at the end of it, so it’s important to have healthy food available. When you’re tired, you’re going to be more likely to reach for whatever is fast.

I utilize Pinterest so much when I’m meal planning. It’s so easy to search for recipes, or even entire menu ideas. I think the key is looking for recipes from actual food blogs and from sites that look legit. That can really make the difference in a #pinterestwin or #pinterestfail. You can check out my Food board here if you want to see what I’m planning each week!

What are some of your tips to staying on track throughout the week? How to you prep?

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  1. Joann
    March 10, 2015

    U have it all together. I need to learn from this Plan plan plan


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