I feel like I am gearing up for the holidays WAY sooner this year than I normally do. I’m just feeling it this year, guys. Kyle typically would start calling me Scrooge about now, but weirdly, I’m right there with him. Bring on the wreaths and Christmas songs!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few gift guides with you, just in case you’re not on my team of getting into the spirit a little earlier this year. But these are not necessarily items that are super new or state of the art — these are things that I already own and genuinely love in real life. You could even say that each guide is a part of my own personality. AND! Most of them are from local people! I love finding the perfect gift for people I love, and I double-love supporting the people in my community. I hope these guides give you some inspiration for the perfect gifts for your people.

This year, I want to encourage everyone to find people or businesses you know in your town and support them as much as you can this season. Whether it’s the local pottery shop or a friend who reps a certain brand, reach out to them specifically. The gifts will likely be more special and you’ll be supporting the people in your community.

The Mountain Mama

Every Mountain Mama needs something to keep her heart warm, her beer cold, and some things that remind her of home.

I’ve included an art print from my shop that says “misty taste of moonshine,” classic lyrics from West Virginia’s theme song, “Country Roads.” I’ve also included a can cooler from my shop, inspired by a John Prine song called “Spanish Pipedream.” Clearly, a lot of my work is inspired by music, and I think any good lady of the mountains will likely feel the same way.

Both of these items were printed at local businesses, Minuteman Press and Brand Yourself.

The cozy yellow sweater is a current favorite, and is the perfect cozy item to throw on over any outfit. The bright color is memorable and will brighten up the room. The mulled-wine colored scarf is a reversible design by Stella & Dot, and is super soft. These two pieces look great together or separately, and will surely keep you warm on chilly mountain nights.

The West Virginia Strong dish is from one of my favorite places in Huntington, Full Circle Ceramics. She makes the coolest stuff, and you’ll surely find something for everyone on your list. I’m also a huge fan of The Wild Ramp, a local co-op that sells local produce and grocery goods, including the best salt ever, JQ Dickinson.

This customized necklace is another Stella & Dot item, and features the coordinates to my parents’ home, along with a small horn charm on a long chain. These necklaces can be engraved with pretty much anything, and are a truly special gift when engraved with a memorable date, name or location. Get the coordinates to your favorite mountain for your favorite mountain mama!

Moonshine Print, MountainGypsy online shop /// Tyler Childers, Purgatory /// Engraveable Spear necklace and charms, Stella & Dot /// Yellow Oversized Sweater, Modest-E Boutique /// Infinity Scarf, Stella & Dot /// West Virginia Strong dish, Full Circle Ceramics /// JQ Dickinson Salt, The Wild Ramp /// Blow Up Your TV can cooler, Mountain Gypsy online shop

The Style Maven

This list is for the woman who lives life in glitter and is always perfectly put together. Aka, rarely me.

This book is incredible, and EVERY woman should own it, not just “style mavens.” But there are plenty of super-stylish women in this book, and I think the trendy person in your life will really appreciate that aspect of this book. Try to find it at a local book store! I’ll link one of my favorites below.

Another item that literally anyone would love is a photoshoot with one of my favorite local photographers, Jessica Hutchinson. She photographed my wedding (that’s a wedding photo in the frame!) and my sister’s wedding, and we love her and her family to bits. And she’s a breeze to work with! The stylish woman in your life might love a session for family portraits, maybe some modeling, or even headshots.

Ever Beauty Balm is incredible, and the perfect all-in-one product for everyone. It adds a beautiful highlight to the cheekbones, and works as a balm for dry lips, cuticles, and elbows. I’ve also used it on the ends of my hair when they’re dry, and it totally smoothes them out.

Speaking of cuticles, I would also suggest a gift certificate for a manicure at a local salon. I go to Lava Nails in Lavalette, and I love it there! They do such a great job, they’re friendly, and they serve complimentary wine or coffee. Yes, please. I don’t have anything pictured here for them, but I will link them below!

I’ve included several Stella & Dot items on this list, because there are so many perfect pieces for the stylish woman in your life. The Eve bib necklace is a statement of pearls if I’ve ever seen one, and actually works really well with even just a t-shirt. The Margeaux Clutch is pretty much a show-stopper and will add the perfect sparkle to holiday outfits. The Evie top is PERFECT, because it feels and fits like a t-shirt, but the sleeves are lace, which add the perfect amount of style to any outfit. It looks good with jeans or a skirt. And last but not least, I included the Feather Hair Pin for one last touch of sparkle.

JH Photography session /// In the Company of Women, Taylor Books /// Eve Bib Necklace, Stella & Dot /// Feather Hair Pin, Stella & Dot /// Evie Top, Stella & Dot /// Ever Beauty Balm /// Margeaux Clutch, Stella & Dot  /// Lava Nails Gift Certificate

The Yogi

The guide is great for the friend who can stand on her head and still feel zen, or maybe for someone who you know could use a little more zen in their life. All of these gifts are great for grounding.

Every yogi needs an incense burner. I have a few, but I particularly love this one. Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure where to get this locally, but I feel like Kinship Goods in Charleston has had them in the past, so start there. There are several boutiques that carry them, so ask around!

Bali Malas won my heart over a year ago, and to me, this is another item that everyone needs. You can order these online, but it’s really better to purchase them from someone so you can see them in real life. Luckily, my friend Eva sells them locally. The tough thing about gifting a mala to someone, though, is that it often chooses its owner. I realize this might sound a bit crazy, but I promise you, I experienced it and it’s incredible. I have cried over malas, and seen my friends weep when they pick them up. It’s wild.

My sister actually gave mine to me, but it was after I’d fallen in love with it. Bali Malas is special because each bead is actually a sacred seed and feature different crystals and stones that release different energies. I own three malas, actually — one necklace, and two bracelets. I wear the two bracelets every single day, and I wear my necklace during meditation and prayer. If you know someone who would love one of these or benefit from one, take them to see the malas in person and let the magic happen.

To me, a big part of yoga is the sanctuary of it, so lighting a candle is always good. I LOVE this candle from PF Candle Company. It smells earthy and delicious.

The other vital part of a practice is a good mat. Yes, you can practice anywhere, but a good mat really helps. Once you try a Jade mat, you’ll never go back to anything else. You don’t slip and the thick mats are super supportive on your knees and such. They are available  online, too, but luckily, Brown Dog Yoga has them in stock, and at a better price! If you’re not sure about whether you’d like one, you can even rent a Jade mat at BDY, so go take a class and ask to try one!

Cozy layers are great for yogis this time of year, because they can easily slip them on or off for practice. I love a puffy vest in the fall and winter to keep your core warm, and I found this cute one from Birds of a Feather. This one is from last year, but I know they will have more in this year.

Also, a good headband is a great gift. I recently fell in love with these by Violet Love. They don’t give you headaches, and come in a great variety of patterns. She also makes these INCREDIBLE bandeau bras that seriously don’t fall down. I tried them out and they work. Both of those are available at The Shala Yogini shop at the Space on 8th – linked below!

The Celestial line from Stella & Dot would be particularly special for a yogi, especially one who loves astrology. I also love this Engraveable option with the word “namaste” on it. Both of these can be worn at once, too!

I have several suggestions that are not pictured, as well. A massage from Eva Ball would likely be a welcomed gift to any yogi, or really anyone needing to really relax and do something for herself. Eva’s massages are the best I’ve ever had, and she helps you learn to listen to your body. She also does cupping and teaches yoga classes that are incredible.

I’d also suggest yoga passes to Ashley Skeen and Randi Green. Ashley’s Saturday classes are the perfect reset after a crazy week, and Randi also just launched her own online fitness subscriptions that you can do at home!

I would recommend anything these women do.

Celestial Necklace, Stella & Dot ///  Engraveable Necklace, Stella & Dot /// Jade Yoga Mat, Brown Dog Yoga /// Puffy Vest, Birds of a Feather /// Teakwood and Tobacco Candle, Brown Dog Yoga ///Incense Burner, possibly Kinship Goods /// Bali Malas, Eva Ball /// Incense, Healthy Life Market /// Violet Love Headbands and Bandeau bras, available at The Shala Yogini store at The Space on 8th /// Bodywork, The Shala Eva Yogini /// Ashley Skeen Yoga /// RLG Fitness

The Minimalist

These days, everyone is trying to Marie-Kondo their lives, and I welcome that lifestyle. But that sometimes makes it difficult to get a gift for someone, right? Try these options for the minimalist in your life.

“A Man Called Ove” is a book I’m sure most of you have seen. It’s super popular right now, and for good reason. It is such a heartbreakingly wonderful book, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Find a copy of it locally if you can. I know Empire Books carries it, and I would assume Taylor Books in Charleston does as well.

Yes, that says what you think it says. You should see some of the other ones! 😉

My friend Meghann Ferguson and I collaborated on these planters, and I seriously love them. That is my hand-lettering, carved into the clay that Meghann worked her magic on, and then I crocheted the pieces to hang it up. Meghann is super talented and I feel lucky to get to work with her. This planter has a little bit of snark, of course, and is the perfect addition to any home. These aren’t listed online yet, but if interested, contact me or Meghann. We have several options with different sayings, and we’d love to show you!

Essential oils are all the rage right now, but they make seriously wonderful gifts. Lavender is always a good starting point, but blends like YoungLiving’s Stress Away are incredible. Not all oils are created equally, but you can find plenty of options at the Healthy Life Market, or another local health store. Otherwise, find a YoungLiving or DoTerra distributer in your area – there are so many!

I love this necklace for the minimalist style for several reasons. It is dainty and goes with everything, but it is also a two-in-one necklace — both of those layers can be worn separately or together! This is the perfect gift for someone looking to create a capsule wardrobe. 

I’m also a big fan of this toning spray by BeautyCounter. My friend Mary Beth Ferda is a rep for BC, and the brand is really impressive and perfect for your friends who prefer natural products. They offer TONS of gift sets for the holidays, too, so check her out!

To go with your witty planter, a gold plant spritzer will do the trick. I found mine in a local shop in Lewisburg (I honestly can’t remember which one) while on a camping trip last spring, so I would look around local boutiques and home shops to see what you can find!

Beauty Counter Charcoal Toner, The Nurtured Person /// Essential Oils, Healthy Life Market or YoungLiving distributer /// “Don’t be a prick” Planter, by Meghann Ferguson  /// A Man Called Ove, Empire Books /// Kari Layered Necklace, Stella & Dot

The Creative

This guide is for the person in your life who is constantly learning a new skill, works with her hands, and sees beauty in everything. Basically, this is for the woman who is all things cool.

This time of year, everyone needs an oversized, super cozy scarf. I made this infinity-style scarf earlier in the year, and have been dying to give it a good home. The jewel tones add a little bit of color without being too overpowering, and it definitely will keep you warm all winter. (This scarf is not yet listed online, but email me if you want to snatch it up!)

I think the Creative person in your life is probably a little adventurous with just about everything, including makeup. I LOVE these new lipsticks from Mary Kay, and the shade Luminous Lilac has just a hint of shimmer. We all know Mary Kay has been around forever, and while you might consider it your Grandma’s makeup brand, it’s not just that. Find a rep for MK – we all know one! – and support her business by buying  a killer lipstick. I will link my MK girl below!

Hand-lettering is all over Instagram these days, and for good reason. It is such a beautiful way to create artwork, and I am constantly inspired by the work I see. My friend Ellie made this gorgeous piece for me as a gift from my sister on her wedding day. If you’re an Avett Brothers fan, you’ll notice that the piece features lyrics from the song “Murder in the City,” which my family has basically adopted as our theme song.

Ellie is legit talented — I will link her Instagram below — and I think a piece like this would make the most special gift for someone you love. Ellie doesn’t have an Etsy or anything, but definitely check out her work and search around for someone who does hand-lettering and/or calligraphy.

If your friend IS the hand-letterer you know, Tombow brush pens are the best. They come in tons of sizes and colors, but any option would make a great gift for the creative person in your life. You’ll probably have to get these from a chain store like AC Moore, but if you can’t find them there, Amazon will do.

Creative people need creative accessories. The Yves wrap bracelet by Stella & Dot is the easiest way to get an awesome arm-party look, and the leather details are hella cool. The new Engraveable ring from Stella & Dot is also a perfect creative gift, because you can get creative with what you have engraved. I have mine engraved with my monogrammed initials, but you can get any short name or word. (Just FYI, Stella & Dot won’t print curse words, even though that might be a cool idea! lol)

Oh, Joanna. We all love you so. This magazine is unlike any other that I read. I literally read it from cover to cover, and feel inspired when it’s over. It’s not just about home decor, it’s about life and truth and creating a life that is authentically yours. It’s special.

You can get Magnolia Journal at local book stores, but if you really want to make someone’s day, get them a subscription for the year! I think all of these items would be well-loved by pretty much anyone, but especially the creatives in your life.

Cozy Infinity Scarf, Mountain Gypsy online shop /// Hand-lettered print by Ellie Hammond /// Yves Wrap Bracelet, Stella & Dot /// Mary Kay Luminous Lilac lipstick, Karhlee Zambos /// Tombow Brush Pens, AC Moore or Amazon /// Engraveable Ring, Stella & Dot /// Magnolia Journal, Empire Books or Subscription

I hope those guides were fun and helpful for your holiday shopping. If you’re like me, you probably saw some things you want to add to your own wishlist! I love finding the perfect gifts for people, so let me know how I can help you along the way. Let’s get into that spirit of giving.



  1. Jess
    November 15, 2017

    Love this post- So many awesome suggestions! I’m extremely happy that there are so many unique small businesses popping up in our area. And I totally relate to your comments about malas. I got mine from Eva, and I cried as soon as I picked it up (I’m really glad you shared that particular point bc up until now I just thought I was a little insane- ha!)

  2. Kayla
    November 15, 2017

    Thank you! I’m so glad you liked the guide, and that we’re on the same page about malas. Haha! It’s totally true!

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