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When I lived at home, I remember my mom used to bring freshly cut flowers inside during the spring and summer, and then dry them so she could keep them in an arrangement year-round. I don’t ever remember her having a bunch of house plants that she had to water or keep alive—I imagine dealing with three kids was enough—but when it came to gardening, she was (still is) a pro. She has no professional training when it comes to flowers or horticulture, but she knows what she’s doing. She arranged all of the flowers for my wedding, friends’ weddings and events, and will be in charge of my sister’s wedding this fall when she gets married, too. Also, her yard always looks the best I’ve ever seen.

I suppose that’s where I got my love for plants, even though I’m more into houseplants and cacti than she is. I wasn’t always into plants or flowers, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen more in love with them.  I love visiting nurseries and finding new, cool plants, and I am now a firm believer that bringing plants into your home makes all the difference in its overall feel and warmth. I love succulents and cacti and basically any kind of flower that is really hard to kill. I don’t do very well with high-maintence plants like orchids (Kyle got me one for Valentine’s Day and I killed it within the year) but give me a cactus, and I’m good to go.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to keep plants alive a little better, and I’ve only had one casualty in the past two years. It was my fault, because I took it outside on one warm day, but then it got cold again and I had to bring it inside again, and I think I shocked it. Poor thing turned yellow and died a week later. So don’t do that, kids. With succulents and cacti, you really don’t want to water them too much. They like a lot of sunshine and if you water them too much, they will rot and get squishy and weird. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen, and it’s not pretty.

I’ve recently (constantly) been lusting after the way Joanna Gaines styles plants throughout her homes. She just knows exactly what to add and where to put it. I also love that she knows the importance of a houseplant and how it can make your home instantly more inviting. It also helps if you have a perfect gold plant mister like mine (thanks, Mom!). This little guy is ideal for succulents and cacti, as well as air plants, because it gives them just enough to drink without overwatering.

All of my plants have a story, and while it might sound crazy, they all have names. I’ve heard of other #plantmoms naming their plants, though, so I don’t feel too crazy.

This is one of my favorite plants, because finding this pot was kismet. I stalked Group Partner for over a year before I finally found their pottery in an actual store. I wanted one of these boob pots so badly, but didn’t want to pay for extra shipping (I’m cheap like that). So while visiting my friend Sarina in Hudson, New York, she told me about this cute place called Flowerkraut, a couple-owned flower and gift shop that also makes and sells sauerkraut. I saw these beauties as soon as I walked in, and I knew it was meant to be. I was so excited I nearly cried. True story. Group Partner’s ceramics are so unique and awesome. I’m a huge fan, and when I finally open my own shop one day, I would love to have their work in stock. Also, I really want this one next.

The plant in Jade is (you guessed it) a jade plant. Not super creative, I know, but I like that it’s a girl name and she lives in the boob pot.

Oh, Brutus. I have had him for a very long time, and he has grown so much since I found him. He has lived with me in three states, and blooms pink flowers sometimes. He leans a little bit, and I can never seem to balance him out in the pot, no matter how much dirt I use. I think it has to do with sitting in the sun…? No clue. But I love him.

Ava Gardner
Ava the aloe plant was super tiny when I got her, but now she’s beautiful and full. Aloe plants are literally the coolest things, because you can cut off their arms and they grow more. Nature is incredible, y’all. I use Ava’s limbs all summer for sunburn and skincare. She’s also helpful when I get the occasional burn in the kitchen thanks to my killer cooking skills. *sarcasm* If you are new to houseplants, aloe is really an awesome plant to have around, not only for its medicinal benefits, but it’s also pretty easy to keep alive.

I truthfully have no idea what kind of plant this is, but it was given to me as a gift from my landlord when we lived in Louisville, and was a tiny little start when I got him. If I remember correctly, it was something he’d brought back from somewhere tropical, and it grew super tall. If anyone has any clue what this is, please help a sister out.

Jim & Pam
I recently got these beauties from the Marshall University student garden, and even though there are technically more than two plants among them, I felt like they needed a fun duo name. Because The Office is the best show ever and has gotten me through this school year, Jim and Pam seemed appropriate. I found this planter at Target pretty recently, and it made a great new home for the lovely couple.

“The higher the hair, the closer to God.” Since this beauty has some tall hair, Dolly seemed like the perfect name. I love this plant, because she is unique  and striking. She just lives in an older pot I had at the house, because she was outgrowing her old one and I haven’t had a chance to get a fancy one for her yet. I kind of like the worn-in look for her, though. It let’s her be the star of the show, just like Dolly Parton herself.

This little guy has been barely hanging on for over a year. I got him at the beautiful Ellie Stapleton/Hammond’s wedding shower, and I thought he was going to die because I left him outside too far into the fall, but he’s still kicking. Why Ham? Because Ham-mond. And I love that he’s little and has a name like Ham.

Bunny Watson
Bunny is one of my favorite plants, and I got her by total happenstance. A man at my work was trimming a philodendron from his office, and another coworker walked through with a start from it. I instantly knew it was a philodendron, and asked where I could get one, too. I had been wanting a philodendron for a long time because of the film Desk Set, one of mine and Kyle’s go-to movies when we just need to watch something familiar. In this film, Katherine Hepburn plays a woman named Bunny Watson, and she has a philodendron that hangs all around her entire office. I am obsessed with it. I brought home my own philodendron start from the nice man at work, and sprouted it in water before planting it in this pretty planter from Anthropologie (similar). I can only hope that one day it will be able to reach around my entire office, as well.

I know that might seem like a lot of plants, but the thing is, I always want more. I love the feeling that they give my space, especially when the weather outside is gross and cold in the winter. They liven up the place. If you feel like your space needs a little life, just add something green.


For more info on how to care for your plants, this is a great resource.


  1. Ellie Hammond
    May 15, 2017

    1. Love you.
    2. Love this post.
    3. Love all your plants.
    4. Love that you named that succulent after me (I had no idea!)
    5. I’m super impressed you were able to keep the wedding shower succulent alive considering I ordered them on Amazon and all of mine were dead in like 2 weeks.
    6. I used to have a palm (RIP) named Palm Beasly… aka we’re the same person- literally.

    I have a mental wish list of all of the house plants/ succulents I want to get as soon as Brad and I move into our new place. (An aloe plant is at the top of my list, along with ALL THE SUCCULENTS.)

    • Kayla
      May 15, 2017

      Truly. We are one. lol Your new home absolutely needs an aloe plant! They save you from sunburn and when you stupidly let your hand touch the 400 degree oven while pulling out a pan of lasagne. Love you forever.

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