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“Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!'”
Robin Williams

Since we live in the age of the Internet where probably half of what we’re reading is totally made up, I have no way of knowing that that quote is legitimate. However, I love Robin Williams and totally agree with his sentiments. As we transition into a new month, here are the things I’ve been loving from March.


New Balance Sneakers
I received these shoes for Christmas, but am just now really getting some wear out of them, since the weather was just so terrible all winter long. Previously, I didn’t have any casual sneakers that weren’t running shoes, so these are a new staple. I wear them all the time to school, and get so many compliments. They are comfortable but cool.


Midi Rings
I love rings, but I really love stacking and midi rings. I have been trying to curate the perfect ring collection for a while, and these are some that I wear daily. The little one with the white embellishment is from Birds of a Feather, the arrow one is from Village Collection, and the triangle one is from Baublebar.


In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien
I was assigned this book as part of my novels class, and I really enjoyed it. Actually, I’ve liked all of the books for that class, but this is one of the most recent reads. I had actually never read anything by O’Brien before this, but I’m a fan.


Anthem Long-sleeve V-neck Madewell Shirt
I am working on a Capsule Wardrobe (post to come!), but based on the recommendations from that, I needed a black t-shirt. I found this one on sale at Madewell, and it is the perfect flowy cut that I like for t-shirts.


Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio
This little baby came in my most recent Birchbox, and I am in love. The browns are perfect for my skin, and the shadows are so pigmented. I have literally used this little palette every day this month.


Black Coffee
If you’ve seen any of my recent posts, you know I recently made the switch to black coffee. I originally did it because I felt like I was having too much sugar from all the coffee creamers I like, so I just tried to cut back. Then somehow, I just stopped altogether. The only creamy coffee I drink now is the occasional latte from Starbucks. Also, this mug has really been matching my mood these days.



Happy spring, gypsies!

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