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About a month ago, I entered a giveaway on District of She, who had partnered with The Good Hippie to give away some amazing natural skincare. And I won. I almost never win things, so I was super excited to win this prize, and the skincare products looked amazing.

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Bri Ussery is the founder of The Good Hippie, and like many of us these days, she was looking for more natural options for her skin. So she invented some. She also has some help with Lauren Cooke, who helps with photography and web design for the beautiful brand.

When I won the giveaway, I was instructed to message Bri with my skin type. Dry. Always dry. Also, I had recently experience what happens when you are of a certain age. Apparently when your body wants to have a baby, your hormones do weird things in your twenties, and so even if you’ve never had breakouts before in your life, your mid-twenties sometimes bring about such breakouts because your uterus is empty. Sorry, skin, not ready for a baby yet, so get your shit together. I also informed Bri of these concerns, and she ended up sending me the Thrive set, which is for dry and/or mature skin, and because everything is so super natural, it would probably help clear things up.


The products I received for the giveaway were the Cleansing Grains, the Scrub, the Toner, the Serum, the Mask and the Radiant Facial Steam.

I began using the Cleaning Grains in the evenings, along with the Toner and Serum. I have been using the Mask about once a week, and the Scrub every couple of days. Since my skin is dry and I suffer from keratosis polaris (KP…little bumps that aren’t anything but annoying), I like to exfoliate pretty frequently. I’ll use the Steam on nights when I’m really pampering myself.

I continued with my usual Lush face routine in the morning, using Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and Eau Roma Water toner. I also use Ultrabland prior to The Good Hippie products in the evening if I’m wearing makeup. I’ve been following this routine consistently for a month now, and my skin has definitely thanked me.


No, my skin isn’t perfect, but prior to this, I had several really bad breakouts, plus dark spots from the healed zits, all over my chin. You can still see some of the dark spots that haven’t totally gone away, but they are worlds better. I started using these products, and (hopefully I’m not jinxing myself) I’ve definitely seen a difference in both of those problems.


The Cleansing Grains remind me very much of Angels on Bare Skin, but a little more scrubby. The smell is lovely, full of lavender and oats. It almost smells like breakfast. I love how my skin feels after rinsing this off, and yes, it makes your face feel clean. For both the Grains and the Scrub, you simply wet your face, pour a little of the product into your hand, apply to your face and scrub away.


The Scrub is lovely, and is definitely a little grittier than the Cleansing Grains. It contains apricot kernels to give that good exfoliation, and also has lavender in there for calming the skin. It smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling super soft.


The Toner has frankincense oil, which helps lighten up those spots, and witch hazel, which is a gentle astringent that can help with bacteria. This stuff is wonderful.


The Serum, in combination with the Toner, is the one I am crediting with helping with the dark spots leftover from my breakouts and keeping my skin clear. It also has frankincense oil in it, plus pomegranate seed oil and neroli. Both the Serum and Toner, also have carrot seed oil, which promotes cell growth and can help with diminishing those dark spots, as well. This one has little to no smell at all, and it feels amazing.


The Mask is so tightening and awesome. Bri’s masks are different from other masks I’ve tried, because like the Cleansing Grains and Scrub, the Mask comes loose and dry. You must mix in some water first before applying. It smells clean and fresh, like earth, and makes my skin feel so soft and renewed afterwards. It contains rhassoul clay for deep cleaning, as well as anti-inflammatory green tea.


The Steam looks very much like a loose tea or potpourri. It is full of beautiful dried flowers and herbs, including chamomile, lavender and sage. All you have to do is boil some water, add a handful of the steam mixture to a big bowl and pour in some of the hot water. Place your face above the bowl so the beautiful moisturizing steam can enter your pores for five to 10 minutes. The scent is also relaxing and grounding. I like to do this while I listen to some good music (loving Trevor Hall right now) as part of a relaxing evening ritual.

Bri’s website says she uses “absolutely no useless fillers, artificial ingredients, animal products, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, coloring, dyes, or harmful preservatives.” Literally, this stuff is as natural as it gets, which means it is both amazing, healthy…and easily contaminated. You must be super careful to not allow any moisture into these containers. I have been keeping all of mine together in a leftover Birchbox on my vanity. I just pour out what I need each time, and then leave it there to keep dry. Similar to many of my Lush products, these will get weird if you let them get wet. Just use your head and you won’t have to worry.

After I tried these products for my face, I took advantage of Bri’s Christmas sale, and ordered her Chill Lip Balm, the new Renew Body Polish and the Center Mist.


The Center Mist is a beautiful, earthy spray that you can spritz onto skin, hair or even fabrics. I have loved using this before and after yoga class.


The Renew Body Polish is what I was most excited to try. As much as I love a good face scrub, I love a body scrub even more. This product promised two of my favorite things — coconut oil and ylang ylang oil. The smell is slightly sweeter than I’d imagined, but feels incredible on the skin.


The same goes for the Chill Lip Balm. It has a sweet smell, probably from the coconut oil or shea butter, but the peppermint helps balance it out. And it nourishes my miserable lips.

Speaking of smells, I have a disclaimer if you are new to natural skincare products: Not everything is going to smell like flowers, even if it has flowers in it. These products might not smell like what you’re used to with any sort of skincare product. Because they don’t use anything artificial, they are going to smell exactly like what’s in them, but that does not mean they will be like the worst smelling thing ever. It just might take some getting used to. The effects are so worth it. I promise.

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Bri’s packaging is also beautiful. She and Lauren use watercolors to hand-paint each of the labeled wrapping papers for each product. I think that makes it all the more wonderful, and my creative heart has a hard time throwing out the packaging since so much thought and effort was put into it. When even the paper that’s wrapped around the products is beautiful, that says something about a brand. Both times I have received packages from Bri, I’ve also received handwritten thank you notes. There is something really special about that.

The Good Hippie has so many other amazing products I haven’t got to try yet, but so far, I’ve been very impressed and enjoyed using these on my skin. It’s pretty funny how excited I get to wash my face every day with these. I think I’d also like to try the Balance range of Bri’s products, because the ingredients sound like they may work for my skin as well.

If you are looking for a natural skincare brand to try, I highly recommend this one.


I’d love to know if you’ve tried these products, if you’re going to try them, or if you have any skincare questions (I love talking skincare). Comment below!

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