Posted on Sep 4, 2014 in LIFE

Kyle and I are headed to Asheville for the weekend for our anniversary, which is officially on Sunday.


It’s really hard to believe it has already been (almost) a year since Kyle and I got married. That day was the most special, wonderful day for us, and honestly, I still mourn it being over.

I recently spoke with a friend’s mother and she said “Your wedding was like a gift to us.” That was such a good thing to hear. We put so much work into that day, and our families and friends helped out when they weren’t even asked. That day wasn’t just for us, it was for everyone who made us who we are today, and a year later, I’m even more grateful for those people.


I’ve been told that the first year of marriage is supposed to be the hardest, but I think it has been pretty wonderful, even with the scary times, and if I’ve ever believed that God has a plan, it’s now.

Kyle makes me laugh every single day. That alone keeps me going sometimes. He is my supporter, my comedian, my lover, my poet. He is my heart and my home. He is my morning-singer and my kiss goodbye. He always smells like coffee and doesn’t mind doing laundry sometimes. He knows more cinema knowledge than anyone else I know, and his memory is impeccable, unless it has to do with where he left his keys or wallet. He likes piƱa coladas and anything that has to do with summertime. He takes his time writing Instagram captions, leaves his socks on the floor and looks really good in a suit. He has a song for everything and lives for adventure. And he loves me. Undoubtedly.



Even though Kyle and I have been together for so long, there really is something different about being husband and wife. Being married is so much more than what people tell you it is, or just what your get into your head that it is, and it’s not always going to feel like you’re under a cabana sipping rum in Jamaica.

It’s upholding your vows and doing what you promised every single day.

It’s laying around on Sundays watching TV.

It’s making the decision to fight it out or give each other some space.

It’s figuring out how you’re going to pay your bills.

It’s dancing in the kitchen.

It’s realizing you’re going to have to puke in front of each other at some point.

It’s new adventures.

It’s talking about baby names.

It’s burning dinner.

It’s sorting and washing and drying and folding and ironing and hanging.

It’s romantic in everyday places.

It’s one more drink, one more episode, one more kiss.

It’s a warm place next to you in bed.

It’s dreaming up a future together.

It’s being the ultimate team.

It’s learning to understand each other.

It’s laughing and crying.

It’s everything and nothing, the beginning and the end.

It’s complicated and simple.

It’s funny and sexy and crazy and scary.

But dammit, it’s awesome.


Happy Anniversary, husband. Here’s to a hundred more.

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