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I realize this is a little late, as Easter was nearly a week ago, but I still wanted to share the insane, intense and hilarious Easter egg coloring that goes on at my parents’ house every year. This year was particularly wild, as my brother brought over several of his dear friends who had never colored Easter eggs before. That’s right, some of them had NEVER colored Easter eggs. This is ridiculous to my siblings and me, because my mother basically forces us to color eggs to this day. We’re all grown adults, but it’s an important part of this holiday. My brother really loves doing this, too, so it’s kind of his thing.

IMG_1123IMG_1121There is music and dancing and drinking and coloring. That’s what we’re about. This year, I opted for painting my eggs. I was inspired by Rifle Paper Company, so I tried to recreate some of Anna Bond’s designs onto a few eggs. I don’t think I totally failed, but they were nowhere near her talent.

IMG_1041 IMG_1040My brother’s best friend, Shelby, is stupid talented. Like, look at this. If you’ll notice, she has already completed an egg with a legit, realistic dandelion and grass on it, and now she’s working on the perfect little owl.

IMG_1120Shelby’s little brother was pumped. I know he colored a dozen eggs by himself, maybe even more. He never stopped. He was using all of the art supplies we could give him and getting super creative with his designs. I loved watching him come up with things.

IMG_1124I think my mother boiled 72 eggs for this occasion. As you can imagine, the house smelled awesome. #sarcasm

IMG_1122Kyle usually has some pretty amazing eggs to show for himself, but he was totally exhausted from helping our friend Chris work on gutters all day long. So by the time the egg coloring started, he was too busted. He curled up in the chair by the fire with the basketball game on and dozed even through my dad and sister’s boyfriend shouting at the TV.

This was definitely an egg-decorating gathering for the books. We had such a great time, and the fact that my brother brought all of his friends to participate made it even better. Until next year, Easter eggs. Until next year.

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  1. Joanntiss
    April 9, 2015

    Great job by all. This will always be a special time. Luv it


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