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The SuperBowl is this weekend, so you know what that means – a reason for me to make snacks even though I don’t care at all about sports! Kyle doesn’t really care about sports either, but we love us a good halftime show, so I’ll be living off of dips and appetizers all day Sunday to celebrate the possibility of lip-syncing and wardrobe malfunctions.

I know everyone makes wings for the SuperBowl, but I’m more of a chips and dips gal. This is one of my favorite party dip recipes, and I learned it from my grandmother like 10 years ago, and I think we’ve made it at every single group function since. It is only two ingredients and not good for you at all because one of those ingredients is cream cheese. Oops.


Rotel Dip
3 blocks cream cheese
2 cans Rotel with green chiles, drained

Slowly melt the cream cheese in a saucepan on medium heat while stirring. Once it is a smooth consistency, add the Rotel and mix until it’s heated through. Add jalapeños if you like more of a kick! Serve with tortilla chips. 


Seriously, it’s that easy. I know it sounds odd, but just trust me, this weird pink dip is the party favorite every single time. It’s also easy to eat way too much of it, so be warned. This recipe yields a lot since it’s a party dip (thanks, Sister Gypsy, for reminding me of the cream cheese to tomato ratio), but can easily be cut down if it’s just a couple of you. I used just one block of cream cheese and one can of Rotel for ours and it’s still tasty. So even if you don’t care about the SuperBowl and you’re just in it for some Bruno Mars action like me, you at least have a snack for the night, and yes, those flax seed tortilla chips cancel out the fact that you’re basically just eating straight cream cheese. Enjoy!

What foods are you making for the SuperBowl? What team are you rooting for?

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