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My little sister is getting married.


I remember when I was planning my wedding, she was my rock and voice of reason. She helped me decide things, and was able to see what fit mine and Kyle’s style before I could. When I went to have my makeup done to decide what I needed to purchase for the wedding day, she cried in the mall. When I asked her what was wrong, having pushed down all of my emotion already, she said she saw us as little girls, playing dress up and make believe.

Well, shit.

I tried desperately to remain void of emotion during my wedding planning, and I sort of regret that. I just knew if I started, I’d never stop, so I forced it all away. For my sister’s wedding, I hope I can embrace the emotion a little more. Perhaps it will be easier because I love her more than I love myself. Or perhaps I’ll be a blubbering idiot the entire ceremony. Only time will tell.


Last week, we helped throw an engagement party for Taylor and Mark at Mark’s grandmother’s house, and afterward, we had a bonfire at my parents’ house — exactly what Taylor and Mark wanted.

They still have over a year to plan, but it is already beginning. “When should I go dress shopping? When should I send save-the-dates? Can you send me your guest list?” Now, I am to be the voice of reason. I just hope my voice doesn’t crack through tears.


My little sister is getting married.

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  1. Jo Ann Ross
    July 20, 2016

    My sweet girls have certainly grown up and are such super ladies and definitely your Person I couldn’t be more proud ! I always want the best for u both. Yes Kayla u will do a great job and her strength love u both so much


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