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We’ve heard it all before. Your skin is your biggest organ, your best accessory, the first thing people notice about you. But sometimes, no matter what we do, no matter how much attention we give it or how clean we make it, sometimes, it just hates us. The thing is, our skin is different every single day. Sometimes we wake up and it feels greasier than the day before because we ate pizza for dinner. Sometimes we wake up and look like death because we stayed up too late. Our skin basically shows the world what we’ve been up to or how we’re feeling. Pretty scary to think about, really. So we should take care of it, right? But what if we ARE taking care of it and there’s still something off? Well that’s what happened to me, and I believe I have finally found my perfect skincare routine using products I feel good about using and help me deal with my skin when it’s being bipolar.

I started working at Lush Cosmetics when we moved to Louisville, and not only is it a wonderful, ethical company to work for, I couldn’t imagine using any other type of skincare after being introduced to theirs. And they didn’t pay me to say that. I genuinely love these products!

If you’re not familiar with Lush, read about us here, or better yet, find your nearest shop and go now!

My skin has never been really breakout prone, just the usual monthly hormonal zits or a breakout if I was super stressed. However, I’ve always had Keratosis Pilaris, aka KP, aka those annoying little bumps on the sides of my face and arms. They aren’t zits, they are basically just keratin buildup that leaves rough patches and red, irritated skin in its path. Fun times.


So when I walked into Lush for the first time, a few months before I found out my husband and I would be moving to Louisville, they welcomed me with open arms and gave me some options for my KP. I immediately met two other employees who also have been plagued by KP and they knew from experience what to do. First, a scrub.

Rub Rub Rub was suggested to me for my arms. It has an incredibly refreshing citrus scent from all the fresh organic lemon juice and orange blossom absolute that is in it, plus the sea salt scrubs off those rough patches and dead skin. I use this about every other day in the shower. I also use Dream Cream lotion Every day. It has pretty much every calming ingredient you can think of – oat milk, rose water, organic extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, rose absolute, chamomile blue oil, lavender oil – plus tons of other amazing stuff. This lotion helps nourish my skin, calm down the redness from the KP and scrubbing, and leaves me smelling like a freaking flower.

As for my face, I use one of two things to cleanse my face, either alternating between the two or using one in the morning and one at night. Ocean Salt is the perfect scrub for my face, and my body if I’m running low on Rub Rub Rub. It also has sea salt to scrub away dead skin, as well as avocado butter to moisturize my skin and vodka infused lime juice. Yep, vodka. The alcohol and citrus juice tone the skin and make it look like it’s brand new. When I don’t use Ocean Salt, I use Ultrabland, which is perfect for dry, irritated skin. It looks like a really thick lotion, but it is indeed a cleanser and can also be used as a makeup remover. It only contains 10 ingredients including beeswax, almond oil and rose water. It’s very gentle and calming for my skin, and has helped balance out the dryness and irritation from my KP. I think the problem a lot of people run into with their skin is that they try too hard to fix the problem with chemical-laden products and harsh methods. With Ultrabland, it’s pretty much the opposite of that. It’s called UltraBLAND because there isn’t much to it! It’s giving your skin what it needs naturally, not fake stuff that just freaks it out worse.

After one of those cleansers, I follow up with the Eau Roma Water toner and Skin’s Shangri La moisturizer. Eau Roma Water is about two ingredients – rose water and lavender water. It’s nourishing and calming, and helps to open up the pores to prepare your skin for your moisturizer. I like Skin’s Shangri La because it’s super moisturizing for my crazy dry skin, and it has Queen of Hungary water. That sounds fancy, right? It was supposedly made for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary back in the 1300s, and according to the Lushopedia, is meant to provide “longevity, youthful appearance and to ward off illness.” Um, sign me up. This moisturizer also has all the good cold pressed oils that you could ask for – almond, jojoba, evening primrose and wheatgerm. Amazing.

Lush prides itself on not putting you into a skincare box like “oily” or “dry” skin. There are hundreds of combinations of products you could use for your skin. Some people only use Ultrabland and nothing else. Some people use Herbalism cleanser, Tea Tree Water toner, Enzymion moisturizer and Mask of Magnaminty face mask every day. It depends on your skin, your lifestyle and your time.

Here’s what my skin looks like now, no makeup, no filters.


Not too bad, right? I wish I had “before” photos to prove it to you, but just take my word for it. I’m an honest person, I promise.

These exact products might not work for you, but there is definitely something at Lush that will work. Even if it isn’t Lush, it’s all about finding what works with your skin, and not against it.

What is your skincare routine? Do you use Lush products? Do you have KP, too? Comment below with any questions about these products or skincare!



  1. Lauren
    June 25, 2014

    I stumbled upon your lovely blog, and I love it! ☺️ Good work sweets.

  2. Kayla
    June 25, 2014

    Thank you so much! Glad us Lush girls could cross paths. 🙂 Your blog is lovely, as well! Love it!

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