Posted on Jun 21, 2016 in FASHION, HEALTH, STYLE

Turquoise is known as the “stone of heaven” by Native Americans, and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. It is beautiful, calming, and eye-catching all at once.

This stone is the ultimate spiritual healer, because it balances out all of our chakras, leaving us feeling completely at ease. Most notably of its balancing powers, though, is its ability to help create a strong sense of communication, and therefore is especially good for those with writer’s block or any job that require public speaking. This stone’s clearing of the throat chakra also helps us maintain friendships, and can even help us transform enemies into friends over time.

Turquoise embodies a receptive energy, allowing its wearers to be open-minded and understanding to others. Along with compassion, it also provides us with protection. When we open ourselves up to others, we risk being hurt or taken advantage of; however, turquoise helps with that, too.

To create a healthier mind, turquoise helps with exhaustion, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and especially helps with migraines or problems with balance. Because it is so balancing and calming to our mental state, it is also good for balancing out jet-lag and fatigue from all of your summer travel. It can also aide in detoxing our bodies from alcohol, which seems to be in abundance for all the summertime celebrations right now.

The unmistakeable blue hues of turquoise can vary depending on the stone’s energy. If the shades are lighter, the stone promotes harmony within its wearer. In darker shades, the stone brings forth a stronger power.

When meditating with turquoise, allow it to ground you to the earth and clear your mind of clutter and emotional smog. It helps us find true peace of mind within ourselves if we let it.

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